What is Zeus?

Zeus is the backbone of your service organization.

Today’s organizations are more complicated and demanding than ever. And with tightening budgets, “doing more with less” becomes commonplace. Additionally, regulatory requirements from local, state and federal agencies mandate compliance for an organization’s safety, security, communications, broadcasting, and labor practices. This places additional demand on the organization. Managers and staff need a dependable management software system to, not only manage every facet of their organization, but to sustain and grow their business effort as well. Zeus is just that system!

Zeus is a leader in enterprise asset management (EAM) software and it’s delivered as an off-the-shelf solution that can be up and running quickly. Whether you’re a small technical shop or a large organization with locations all around the world, there are different versions to fit your needs and your budget. Zeus is multi-lingual and available in over 100 languages! Our versed and dedicated staff is always eager to provide support for your installation, configuration, and training needs.

Broadcasting organizations, commercial companies, and federal agencies choose Zeus to manage and improve their operational efficiency. With Zeus, these organizations enhance their communications, control budgets, and stay on top of business and workplace compliance laws. Zeus also helps them to streamline their HR processes, manage projects and programs, and track proposals, contracts and warranties.

Additionally, these customers use Zeus for their service department, to support their help desk communications, and track all asset activities, updates and configurations of equipment, and communications systems. They do this using the comprehensive reporting functions offered by Zeus to provide, not only, metrics associated with operational costs and service requests for all equipment being tracked, but through monitoring and lifecycle status of service requests, system operational conditions, maintenance schedules and repair progress. In short, Zeus will save your organization time and money, thereby making Zeus a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s very competitive environment.

Other Cool Stuff!

Zeus Touch

With Zeus Touch, a smartphone enabled version of Zeus for your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can use the power of Zeus wherever you are.

Zeus Global Operation Dashboard

The Zeus Global Operational Dashboard provides a highly interactive experience to access the massive amounts of data within Zeus and other Data sources using all real-time Business Intelligence on all platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android!

Zeus Connect API

The Zeus Connect API allows provides an interface between Zeus and third party applications including ones you build yourself, whether that’s a scheduling system, like ScheduALL; a Monitor and Control (M&C) System such as (MaxView, DataMiner, or Crystal); an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System such as SAP; an IT Virtual Machine (VM) management system; or a relay system that will blink a light in your NOC when a new ticket is waiting in the Queue. The possibilities are endless!!!