Zeus Pro

Zeus Professional includes all the powerful modules your organization needs including Asset Management, Service/Incident Management (Some people call this trouble tickets), Inventory Management, Contacts, System Administration Tools, Advanced Workflow, Preventive Maintenance, Contracts and Warranty Management, Equipment Checkout, Discrepancy Management, and Purchasing. Zeus Professional is designed for a single service group. Zeus Pro is available installed at your location of choice, or Obor can host Zeus for you in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Key Features
Asset Management
  • Lifetime Service History & Support Costs
  • Attach Documents, Manuals, Training Materials & Patches
  • Reporting (By Most Costly/Faulty, Asset Aging, etc.)
  • Asset Cataloging for Accurate Locational Info
  • Asset Configuration Management
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Track Installed Hardware Options
  • Track Installed Software/Firmware Versions
  • Software License Usage Tracking
  • Asset Management
Service – Incident Management
  • Create, Assign & Manage Incidents
  • Set Due Dates & Priorities
  • Automated Communications
  • Shift Notes
  • Reporting
Advanced Service Workflow
  • Service Requests
  • Change Requests
  • Problem Management
  • Escalation Tools
  • Integrated Knowledgebase
Inventory Management
  • Manage Parts & Supplies
  • Re-order Alerts
  • Manage On-hand Quantities
  • Integrated With Workflow Parts Usage
  • Inventory Checkout Kiosk
  • Track Suppliers & Pricing
  • Track contact info for shared contacts, both people and companies
Administration Tools
  • Role-based Permission System
  • Process Matrix Management
  • Add/Manage Custom Fields
  • Manage Automated Emails
Preventative Maintenance
  • Management & Generation of Routine Equipment Service
  • Attach Procedures & Reference Documents
  • Pre-assign Jobs
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Full Historical Audit Trail of Activities
Contracts & Warranty Management
  • Manage Service Contracts
  • Manage Warranties
  • Track Actual Costs
  • Monitor Expiration Dates
  • Manage Loaned/Rented Equipment
  • Allow Users to Request Gear Online
  • Quick Checkout Tools for Walk-up Customers
  • Approve & Prepare Upcoming Requests
  • Prevent, Locate & Resolve Scheduling Conflicts
  • Barcode Ready
  • View Overdue Equipment
Master Control Discrepancy Tracking
  • Track Downtime
  • Document Outage Details
  • Log Intermittent Outages
  • Outage Classifications
  • View Systems
  • Actions Taken to Resolve
  • Add/Manage Custom Fields
  • Automatic Real-time Notifications
  • Automated Daily Summaries by Email
  • Quickly Create Workflow Incident
  • Manage Purchase Requests
  • Request Approvals Using the Business Process Matrix
  • Automatic Generation of New Assets & Inventory Records

Other Cool Stuff!

Zeus Touch

With Zeus Touch, a smartphone enabled version of Zeus for your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can use the power of Zeus wherever you are.

Zeus Global Operation Dashboard

The Zeus Global Operational Dashboard provides a highly interactive experience to access the massive amounts of data within Zeus and other Data sources using all real-time Business Intelligence on all platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android!

Zeus Connect API

The Zeus Connect API allows provides an interface between Zeus and third party applications including ones you build yourself, whether that’s a scheduling system, like ScheduALL; a Monitor and Control (M&C) System such as (MaxView, DataMiner, or Crystal); an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System such as SAP; an IT Virtual Machine (VM) management system; or a relay system that will blink a light in your NOC when a new ticket is waiting in the Queue. The possibilities are endless!!!