Zeus Services

Zeus Services

At Zeus, our passion to deliver world-class software does not end there. We bring a wealth of real world knowledge and experience to the table unmatched by many other software companies. As former engineers, engineering managers, directors of engineering and even owners of service companies, we know more than just how our software works … we know how YOUR business works. Our experienced and professional service teams have the tools and knowledge to ensure that your Zeus implementation goes smoothly. Not only that, but we are there to help beyond the initial deployment to ensure that your Zeus software continues to run like a well-oiled machine with services such as…

  • Data Services (analysis, preparation, import)
  • Facility Inventory
  • Equipment Tagging (Barcode / RFID)
  • Zeus Training
  • Custom Software Development
  • Installation Services
  • Business Consulting Services

Data Services (analysis, preparation, import)

Information is powerful and to get information, you need data. Our team has extensive experience migrating data from a variety of sources so that no Zeus installation needs to start from scratch. Excel, XML, SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, other asset tracking systems and even text files are just some of the data sources we can help you analyze, clean and import so you can ‘hit the ground running’ with your new Zeus installation.

Facility Inventory

What if you do not have ANY data on the equipment that is in your facility … or what you have is so outdated it is not worth keeping? No worries. We have both the tools and experience to do a complete facility inventory or audit for you. Our inventory teams understand the ‘ins and outs’ of facilities and can help you get a complete and accurate list of all the equipment you own.

Equipment Tagging (Barcode/RFID)

Like the idea of your equipment having either RFID or barcode tags for traceability, but do not have time to even BEGIN to think about a project like that? We can help. From providing you with a turnkey barcode solution including the tags and readers to simply assisting with tagging and cataloging your equipment, we are pleased to handle the details for you, allowing you to focus on issues that are most important to you.

Zeus Training

Software is only as good as its users. So with every purchase, we offer a variety of options to provide a training solution customized to meet your individual needs. From on-site training to web-based training, from training each of the users at your facility to a “train the trainer” system, we can provide you with all the Zeus knowledge that you need to make the software effectively and efficiently work for you.

Custom Software Development

Have a special tweak you would like incorporated into the product? The good news is that the majority of the time, we will include it as a standard part of your Zeus product to enhance Zeus so that all users can take advantage of the new functionality. Alternatively, you may require functionality that is completely customized for your facility. Either way, we can fulfill your needs.

Installation Services

Zeus is a snap to install because we actually do it for you! Our product can be installed by technicians either remotely or while we are on-site. The best part is, since the product is web-based, the software only has to be set up once and you are done. Our installation options are very flexible including complete, turnkey solutions delivered to you directly on a pre-configured server, to integration onto existing servers within your facility.

Business Consulting Services

Our staff has a long history of making Zeus successful in a variety of networks, television stations and other entertainment venues. Combined with our broadening experience with diverse clientele, the Zeus staff has designed solutions for equipment and inventory management, sales reporting and much more.

Did you know?

Zeus Touch: Simple. Powerful. Portable.

Constantly on the go? Let us put the power of Zeus in your handheld device!
You’ll be able to easily access the most commonly used features of the Zeus software directly on your iPad™, iPhone™ or Android™ phone. Stay in touch with your team, keep up with active requests, update asset information and more!
No longer are you tied to your desk! Now, when you are in the field or behind a rack, you can:

  • See new requests as they come in, including grabbing new requests
  • See and update your active requests
  • Supervisors can assign incidents to service personnel
  • Inventory the assets in a location
  • Research past request history
  • Update asset information
  • Keep your coworkers updated via Shift Notes
  • And so much more!

Zeus is available in over 100 languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, and many more!

Zeus Installed OR in the Cloud – You Choose!

Zeus is the only broadcast engineering software that was 100% Web-based from day one. Because of that, Zeus is conveniently offered in both Installed and Cloud options. You can install Zeus on your server or your Virtual Machine, and you don’t need a very powerful machine due to the lightweight architecture. Or, Obor can provide Zeus to you via Software As A Service (SaaS) where we put Zeus in the cloud for easy access anywhere.