Zeus Checkout

Tracking gear that regularly moves in and out of your facility can be a real challenge. Without a formal request and tracking system, how do you know if you have enough equipment to fulfill all of the requests? When will gear be returning? Did it all come back? Did it come back broken? Does the borrower owe late fees?

If any of the above questions above sound familiar, it is time you took a look at the Zeus Equipment Checkout module! The Equipment Checkout module offers many benefits, including accurate tracking your gear via barcode and RFID integration, a reduction or elimination of overbooking equipment with capacity planning tools, reduction equipment loss, improvements to the accessibility to your equipment catalog with web based, self-service tools to allow users to make their own requests, and more.

With a comprehensive feature set and very affordable starting price, it is not a question of if you can afford to have the Zeus Equipment Checkout tool; the real question is can you afford NOT to!

Key Features
Zeus Checkout
  • Zeus Checkout is now also available as a stand-alone product in both purchased and SaaS models. Robust equipment tracking has never been easier or more affordable!
  • Flexible approach to checkouts that help you manage your reservations whether they are “reserved” ahead of time or “on demand” walk up customers.
  • Reservations built ahead of time help make sure you have the equipment you need to cover all of your requests
  • Integrated barcode / RFID scanning for quick and accurate equipment logging
  • Equipment bundles or kits help groups of resources be quickly reserved and checked out / in saving time
  • Customizable Equipment catalog to help you organize your equipment offerings in a way that makes sense to you and your customers
  • Limit what equipment a borrower can access using Resource Groups
  • Drag and Drop equipment from the catalog for simple and intuitive reservation building
  • Zeus has tools to help prevent booking conflicts, but if one occurs, the automatic conflict resolution tools resolve booking issues with the click of a button
  • Cross rental tracking to help cover request overages if need be
  • Carnet reporting for shipping gear through customs
  • Comprehensive historical data of previous equipment checkouts
  • Printable or digital receipt of gear taken for the requestor
  • Late fee tracking for gear that wasn't returned on time
  • Invoice Tracking to track any late or damage fees assessed to a reservation
  • Flexible process and communications control using the Zeus Business Process Matrix so the product works like you do, not the other way around!
  • Customizable and automated email reminders when reservations go past due
  • Past due reporting to find equipment that should have been returned
  • The full power of the Zeus Business Process matrix helps provide customizable workflow processes to help enforce the workflow you want which could include reservation approves, etc. The Business Process Matrix also helps improve commutation by enabling automated, emailed based updates to your users.
  • Seamless integration with other Zeus modules, including the Zeus Incident management system to request service on equipment that returns broken*
  • The stand-alone Zeus Equipment Checkout system has access to the same suite of powerful Zeus user management tools, including flexible user permissions, self-registration of users and Active Directory integration.

  • *requires access to the Zeus Workflow module

Other Cool Stuff!

Zeus Touch

With Zeus Touch, a smartphone enabled version of Zeus for your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can use the power of Zeus wherever you are.

Zeus Global Operation Dashboard

The Zeus Global Operational Dashboard provides a highly interactive experience to access the massive amounts of data within Zeus and other Data sources using all real-time Business Intelligence on all platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android!

Zeus Connect API

The Zeus Connect API allows provides an interface between Zeus and third party applications including ones you build yourself, whether that’s a scheduling system, like ScheduALL; a Monitor and Control (M&C) System such as (MaxView, DataMiner, or Crystal); an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System such as SAP; an IT Virtual Machine (VM) management system; or a relay system that will blink a light in your NOC when a new ticket is waiting in the Queue. The possibilities are endless!!!