Zeus Versions - Your Business, Our Solutions.

The best way to manage your assets is now better than ever! Our newest line of Zeus products and versions lets you choose the best fit for your company. Whether you are a small technical shop or a large organization with locations all around the world, we’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your needs and your budget.

Zeus Versions Include:
  • Lite – For managing only assets, service requests, inventory and contacts
  • Professional – for single group operations
  • Enterprise – for multi-group organizations
  • Touch – access commonly used features of the Zeus software on your iPad™, iPhone™ or Android™ phone
  • Discrepancy – a stand-alone product to manage and track Master Control operations
  • Equipment Checkout – a stand-alone product to manage the coming and going of your assets

  • Zeus is...

    Anyone can use Zeus, regardless of technological skill.
    It fits the size of your organization now and in the future.
    You’ll never pay for a larger solution than you need.

Other Cool Stuff!

Zeus Touch

With Zeus Touch, a smartphone enabled version of Zeus for your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can use the power of Zeus wherever you are.

Zeus Global Operation Dashboard

The Zeus Global Operational Dashboard provides a highly interactive experience to access the massive amounts of data within Zeus and other Data sources using all real-time Business Intelligence on all platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android!

Zeus Connect API

The Zeus Connect API allows provides an interface between Zeus and third party applications including ones you build yourself, whether that’s a scheduling system, like ScheduALL; a Monitor and Control (M&C) System such as (MaxView, DataMiner, or Crystal); an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System such as SAP; an IT Virtual Machine (VM) management system; or a relay system that will blink a light in your NOC when a new ticket is waiting in the Queue. The possibilities are endless!!!